Top Reasons to Work at StuartCo

Our top nine values also happen to be the top reasons to work at StuartCo, because they were established by a group of our employees, residents, owners and vendors as distinct traits of our company.


StuartCo is committed to our employees’ growth and development, and we place great value on helping you realize your full potential.

“Managers encourage education to grow and become more knowledgeable within the company.”


Our first priority is our employees, which is why we are always looking for opportunities to promote from within.

“I started with repair and maintenance as my daily routine, but since my promotion, I have the ability to use more of what my expertise is in working with vendors, contractors, and working within budget.”

Personal Touch

We value all of the different personalities and perspectives that make up StuartCo, and allow us to provide an individualistic experience for both our residents and employees.

“They are not just for show; we are always reminded of the importance of the nine values, and StuartCo is very good at finding employees who already hold these values.”


We understand that building an environment of trust and collaboration breeds growth, creativity, and success for our employees.

“In our team, we are able to bounce ideas off each other whenever we want. I like getting the feedback, and the management is great at encouraging our growth.”


StuartCo was founded in 1970 and is one of the most respected, trustworthy, and longstanding property management firms in the Upper Midwest.

“StuartCo has some of the brightest leaders in the industry. I am very confident they are moving our company in a positive direction.”


We are a caring company, focused on helping people find a place they can proudly call home, a place to entertain family and friends, and a place to relax and be themselves.

“I love what I do because I love working with people and finding them a home they really love!”


We want to make sure our employees are leading valuable professional AND personal lives, which is why a healthy work/life balance is one of our priorities.

“[StuartCo’s] work/life balance allows me to tend to family and makes me want to work harder for a company that encourages family first philosophy.”


We are consistent in our communication to employees, offering regular updates on business information, and we operate on an open door policy.

“My team has very good communication and all are team players. Everyone works together and is willing to step up whenever is needed.”


StuartCo is focused on giving back to the community. Outside of numerous company opportunities, we also offer our employees Charitable Time Off every year to volunteer with organizations of their choice.

“I appreciate that StuartCo provides opportunities to participate in charity events with fellow employees. It’s a great way to give of our time and talent while building relationships with our peers.”